• Alan Alfano

    So, I have resisted writing about why I give for some time now. I think it is because, perhaps, I have been concerned that my approach may be seem overly simplistic and maybe even cliche. You see, the main reason I give of my financial resources is because God said to. Really. It is that simple. But let me back up a bit and clarify…

    First, there are more than 2000 references to money in our Bible. That’s a lot! In fact, about four times the number of references relating to prayer. So, I am thinking what I do with money is important, not only materially but spiritually as well. When I read through the Old Testament I find that giving the first and best of what people owned, as a sacrifice was a required as part of Worship. It was not optional. It wasn’t really optional in the New Testament either, I just kind of assumed that we would be giving out of gratitude and appreciation for all that God has done for us through Christ.

    I think we all know down deep that all we have really belongs to God. Through His grace and mercy we get to use the resources He generously puts before us. He has always promised and continues to promise us that He will provide as we have need if we just trust in Him.

    I have found that in my own life, giving is a critical part of the rhythm of my faith. I remember learning that to be part of a church meant giving of my time, talents and resources. It is just what we do, part of how we care for each other and living proof of our willingness to rely on God. I give, trusting God, that He is faithful to His promise of care and provision in my life. He said so and even told us we can test him on this one thing (See Malachi 3:10).

    Practically speaking, giving liberates me from the worries and fears that cause me to want and hoard. It allows me to open my eyes to see God working in places I had not expected. What I do with money may say more about me than I sometimes want it to, but giving sacrificially, even when I am not sure what the outcome will be always says, “I trust you Lord.” And that’s what I want my life to say.

    Your brother in Christ,


  • Kellie Gildersleeve

    Kellie continuously felt a nudge to serve with CASA (Court Appointed Special Advocate) and finally gave in. On Sunday, August 13 she shared her story of how she felt God calling her into this roll and what is doing as a result.

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  • Carrie Soubra

    Carrie Soubra has been a part of Chestnut Grove for several years. She recently served as the Interim Youth Minister which is a significant part of her story of God's work in her life. She shared her story on Sunday, August 13. 

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  • Landon and Erin Collins

    Giving has always been a part of our Spiritual journey as a family yet I don’t know how Spiritual it has always been. Only within the last five or six years has giving truly lead us towards a fulfilled life of following Jesus. There are three reasons our family gives of our resources, which include: Time, Finances, Home, Energy, and God-given Gifts. 

    Joy: Our family has truly experienced the joy of giving ourselves and our resources away. I read somewhere in the Bible that it is better to give than to receive and that seems to resonate with us. It hasn’t always been easy and sometimes we wonder why we do it. But when we see how God has used what we have given back to Him, our hearts are filled with joy.

    Perspective: If every breath we take is from our Creator then certainly all our other resources come from God as well. Giving has allowed our family to develop a healthy perspective of all that we possess. This includes the air we breathe, the children we have been blessed with, the house we live in, the gifts/passions we have been given, and our finances. We have done our best to understand that all we have comes from God and giving it away has helped us in this endeavor.

    Obedience: Giving of yourself and your resources isn’t always easy, in fact most of the time it’s difficult. Whether it is giving away finances when the budget is a tight that month, opening your home when you would rather just have a quiet evening, or giving of your time when there is other stuff to do, giving requires us to die to ourselves and nobody wants to do that. However, we trust that the Creator of our lives knows far more about what leads to an abundant and full life than we do. 

    So we do our best to give out of obedience and in doing so we have developed a healthy perspective and have been filled with Joy.

    Landon & Erin Collins

  • Jane Gildersleeve - Neighboring

    Our little cul de sac has been pretty stable for years with little change in residents. This spring, we had two families move out and two new families move in. I was able to meet the couple next door quite easily as they were outside when I arrived home. It was more difficult to meet the couple across the street. One evening, I saw them outside and introduced myself. I found out that they had a 10 yr old and were expecting another son. I thought that they could probably use a baby gift as they probably did not have too many baby things left from a 10 yr old. I tried to bring over the baby gift several times but Lateesha did not answer the door. A couple of weeks went by and I was hosting for a Potluck/Potluck at my home. We had a wonderful time. As I was saying my goodbyes to everyone, I noticed that Jamille, the new dad was outside. I grabbed the gift and went over and talked to the proud dad and gave him the gift. I then went home to cleanup from the dinner. Within 30 min, I heard my doorbell ring. It was Jamille with a hand written thank you note. I think he was surprised that a stranger would think of them. Turns out he is an EMT which is good to have around!

    Now, we wave and say hi. I need to get to know them better but at least we have a start

  • Melissa Ballif

    When I was asked to write about stewardship, I searched for the right words and stumbled across the following quote: “Stewardship is more than an obligation. It’s an opportunity—to witness to the reckless nature of God who gives the free gift of salvation by grace to all who will receive it. Generosity is the fullest expression of the life of a steward, one who has been given a gift, a gift that must be used wisely and for a purpose, bringing glory to God.” [Excerpted from “Contagious Generosity” by Jim Sheppard & Chris Willard, Zondervan, 2012]

    When we reflect that all we have and all we are is a blessing from God, we are obliged to respond. With gratitude, we return a portion of that which we have been given. I view giving to the church as an opportunity - a chance to participate in good works with an active Savior and a caring church community. One way to grow in faith is to challenge ourselves to continually invest more of who we are and what we have into God’s calling for our lives. Sharing of our time, our talents or our treasures is not easy but it is rewarding.

    Melissa Ballif

    Finance Chair 2017

  • Evan Mitchell

    Evan is a recently graduated Senior who has been involved in our youth ministry for several years. On Youth Sunday, Evan shared his story with the congregation. 

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  • Tucker morris

    Tucker is a recently graduated Senior who has been involved in our youth ministry for several years. On Youth Sunday, Evan shared his story with the congregation.

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  • Sammy Rainey

    Sammy is a recently graduated Senior who has been involved in our youth ministry for several years. On Youth Sunday, Evan shared his story with the congregation.

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  • ZAC CANNON - Soon to be Associate Pastor of Youth

    On Sunday, April 23, Chestnut Grove voted to have Zac Cannon become the newest staff member. Zac will serve as Chestnut Grove's Associate Pastor of Youth. Zac shared his faith journey as well as his journey of how he become connected to Chestnut Grove.

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  • Katie Alfano - Whole Hearts & Rough Edges

    Katie Alfano has been serving in the music ministry at Chestnut Grove for roughly 20 years. She began by leading the Children's choir and for the last 13 years she served on staff as the Director of Music Ministries.  Sunday, January 22, 2017 was Katie's last day serving on staff as she is officially retired. She shares the story of her journey with God and at Chestnut Grove.

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  • Bill Tornrose

    Bill Tornrose has previously served as a deacon. On Sunday, January 15, 2017 he was reappointed to serve another two years. He shares his story of how God has recently been working in his life. 

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  • Melissa Ballif

    Melissa is a recently appointed Deacon at Chestnut Grove. She shared her story on Sunday, January 15, 2017. Melissa is committed to serving Chestnut Grove in this role for the next two years. 

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  • David Proffitt

    David is a recently appointed deacon at Chestnut Grove. He shared is story on Sunday, January 15, 2017. David is committed to serving Chestnut Grove in this role for the next two years. 

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  • Freedom Sunday - Erin Collins

    On Sunday, September 25 we celebrated Freedom Sunday in connections with International Justice Mission in order to promote awareness of the problem of modern day Slavery. Erin shared her story of her calling and passion to women who have been caught up in the sex industry or trafficked.

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  • Freedom Sunday - Val Lokker

    On Sunday, September 25 we celebrated Freedom Sunday in connections with International Justice Mission in order to promote awareness of the problem of modern day Slavery. Val shared her story about her connections with international labor and sex trafficking.

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    Living Free is committed to providing active, non-active & retired patriot families with the life skills and support necessary to face their next BIG adventure in life together. On Sunday, August 28 several individuals connected with this ministry shared their stories of serving others.

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  • Earlysville Exchange

    Established in 2014 by Chestnut Grove Baptist Church, the Earlysville Exchange is an outgrowth of our broad commitment to serving the needs of our Earlysville neighbors and surrounding counties. On Sunday, August 28 several individuals shared their experience of bearing fruit through this ministry. 

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  • Frank Ballif

    Frank has been attending Chestnut Grove for several years. About 18 months ago he made a shift from being a consumer of religion to coming alive by following Jesus. Frank shares his story of how God has been Forming him over the last 18 months. 

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  • Dominic Ruiz

    Dominic is a member of the Youth Ministry here at Chestnut Grove. This summer he had the opportunity to join God in sharing the gospel and helping someone find new life in Jesus Christ. On Sunday, August 21, he shared how he was Formed through joining God as He was working in others. 

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  • Children's Ministry

    Each summer our Children's Ministry attends CentriKid. On Sunday, August 21, Barbara Ewdards and several of the kids that went to camp shared how God was at work in their lives, connecting them with eac hother and with Him. 

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  • Katie Alfano

    Katie is the Music Minister at Chestnut Grove. On Sunday, August 14 she shared her story of connecting with God through times of worshiping with others.

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  • Robbie and Allison Yeaman

    Robbie, Allison, and baby John Henry live in rural Madison VA. On Sunday, August 14 they shared their story of incarnational ministry and participating with God as they try to love their neighbors as Jesus would.

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  • Rebecca Abernathy

    Rebecca sings in one of Chestnut Groves praise bands. On Sunday, August 14, she used her voice to proclaim God's restoration of all things. 

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  • Lauren Tornrose

    This summer Lauren was on staff at Centrifuge. She had several opportunities to see God at work celebrate what He was doing. On Sunday, August 14 she shared a few stories of God at work in the lives of a couple of teenagers.

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  • BREAKING THROugh the clouds

    SPEAKER: Steve Turner & Katina Dudley

    DATE: 7/10/16

    SCRIPTURE: 1 Peter 1:3-9

    Steve and Katina have faithfully served as the Youth Ministry Team at Chestnut Grove for thirteen years. On their last day in their role they shared their journey with us.

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  • This is my father's World by Laura Vinzant

       In 2001, Schuyler and I had been married for 2 years. I was 28 years old and beginning to think about starting a family. Then September 11th came. Among the many thoughts and emotions I felt at that time, I started wondering about the wisdom of bringing a new life into such a dark world. 

       Fast forward two years to September 2003 when Callie was born. We were at war with Iraq. Hurricane Isabella had just ravaged the mid-Atlantic. The headlines from the day of Callie’s birth included one that read “More Americans in Poverty in 2002, census study says.” Time had dulled my fears a bit, but the world still seemed a scary place.

       My friend Holly Sinclair had given me a cd with songs to listen to as I spent those first weeks home with my new baby. One of the songs on it was This is My Father's World – a familiar hymn that began to take on new meaning for me. “This is my Father’s World, O let me ne’er forget that though the wrong seems oft so strong, God is the ruler yet.”

       This is my Father’s world. The evidence is all around us in “rocks and trees and skies and seas” – and I could see it especially clearly in the tiny fingers and wispy hair of my newborn. She is one of the wonders wrought by His hand.

  • Jesus by Lindsay Harris

       As I reflected about Jesus on Youth Sunday, I thought of Him as not discriminating. His love for his Father’s people isn’t discriminating nor does His death discriminate against any particular sin from being saved by grace. Jesus’ love and forgiveness are for all who will receive it and are given by Him in a thoughtful way that allows Him to meet people where they are. Our current national and world climate appears to be in quite the opposite state, offering up status and power as forms of love in a discriminating ideology with selective forgiveness. This includes race, religion, sex, sexual orientation, disabilities, age, appearance, education, parenting styles, employment, possessions….the list goes on.

       I used to pray for God to make the discrimination stop and for people to start forgiving. More recently I added to my prayer: "please reveal to me how I’m participating in discrimination so that I may stop; please reveal to me how I can forgive; please help me to love others without discrimination; please help me to be ever growing in knowledge to be open in mind, in heart, and in perspective. Please help me to be an expression of You so that Your people might know You better."

       As follower of Jesus, I have the opportunity to extend love and grace to all of God’s children. And as I member of the Church, I know the Church’s members have this opportunity too. I was reminded recently that a musician is very powerful and moving but a band or orchestra of musicians is the very essence of the art of possibility. And the art is catching and beautiful! We are all individually blessed with spiritual gifts but collectively as Church we are a powerful expression of God’s love and forgiveness to all of God’s children. What a different looking “here on earth!”

  • Words by Katie Alfano

        I love Youth Sunday! On that day, when I arrive to worship I don't know what song we will sing first or who is reading Scripture or what microphone they should use! I love being surprised by the creative time of Worship that the Youth have carefully prepared. This year I found the time of response especially meaningful.

        Near the end of our worship gathering, the Youth Praise Band played a song while the congregation moved to several places in the room where they could "respond" to the lessons of the day. There were two big boards at the front; one said "words that destroy" the other said "words that encourage." We were invited to write on them. So, along with the others gathered that day, I boldly and honestly added my words. It was a very moving experience. 

        After worship, I snuck away from "coffee time" to read the words others had written. Some were expected, and repeated; others caught me by surprise. Some words that I would have heard as encouraging were on the hurtful board and vise versa. It was a powerful reminder that I have to listen and speak carefully. Our journeys are different - so maybe our ears are too!

  • Mimi Tornrose

    Mimi is a recently appointed deacon at Chestnut Grove. She shared her story on Sunday, January 10, 2016.

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  • Sarah Ford

    Sarah is a recently appointed deacon at Chestnut Grove. She shared her story on Sunday, January 10, 2016.

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  • Joe Huff

    Joe is a recently appointed deacon at Chestnut Grove. He shared his story on Sunday, January 10, 2016.

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  • Jane Gildersleeve

    Jane is a recently appointed deacon at Chestnut Grove. She shared her story on Sunday, January 10, 2016.

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  • Amy gaertner

    Amy is a recently appointed deacon at Chestnut Grove. She shared her story on Sunday, January 10, 2016.

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  • Allen Powell

    Allen is a recently appointed deacon at Chestnut Grove. He has been a part of this community for nearly 15 years and he shared his story on Sunday, January 10, 2016. 

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