At Chestnut Grove we believe everyone should be growing and maturing in their relationship with Jesus. We desire to create Formation environments that introduce people to Jesus, offer biblical teaching, build community and equip individuals to live out their faith each and every day. We would love to connect you to one of our Formation Groups or other Adult Ministry areas. To learn more about Formation opportunities at Chestnut Grove contact Landon Collins or fill out a Group Connect Card. You can also take a look at our current Formation Groups.

...we must grow up in every Christ.

Ephesians 4:15

Below you will find information about Formation opportunities. For other events in the life of Chestnut Grove please check out our events page or download our app

Formation Groups

Formation Groups seek to facilitate a connection with God (UP) and a connection with others (IN). We have various groups where people gather together in order to mature in their understanding of Scripture and biblical truths, develop and grow i in community with others, and develop a heart for the world. Formation Groups include Sunday School Classes, Home Groups, and Bible Studies. To get connected to a Formation Group fill out our Group Connect Card or contact Landon Collins, our Associate Pastor of Formation. Take a brief look at our current Formation Groups.

J.O.Y Club

The J.O.Y. (Just Older Youth) is a ministry to anyone who would consider themselves an "older youth". Our hope is to create environments and experiences where we can connect with one another and continue being formed in our relationship with Jesus.