We will commence gathering together on Sunday evenings at 5 PM. Outdoors in the shaded backyard will be our initial venue. Each evening gathering will launch with a maximum attendance of 100 worshipers, for which we’ll pre-register via Sign up Genius (see below).


As we grow more comfortable and familiar with safely navigating the odd circumstances of social distance in larger groups, we anticipate enlarging each gathering.  For now, we will not be singing congregationally, but will be incorporating solos, duets, and instrumental-only music.

Our gatherings will include LOTS of new and additional participation from worshipers who will be encouraged share faith stories, read scriptures, interact with thematic questions, offer prayer, etc. This twice-weekly evening outdoor worship rhythm will continue through July, expanding as needed, and evolving as the Spirit guides.  Meanwhile, all of our current digital provisions (twice daily Lectio Divina, weekly Zoom Formation Gatherings, and our Non-Gathering video) will remain available for all ages at the same links as in previous weeks.  


A list of COVID-related protocols has been compiled by CG’s ReEntry team to keep us all as healthy as possible.  You can find it HERE

re-register via Sign up Genius HERE