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  • Are We Listening

    SPEAKER: Lance King

    DATE: 8/20/17

    SCRIPTURE: Deuteronomy 6:1-4, 28:1-15, 1 Samuel 3:1-11, Matthew 17:5, John 10:27, John 18:37, Acts 2:1-14,22

    The scripture is full of instructions to "listen".  What happens when we do….or don’t listen?  How and to what shall we listen in order to maximize our journey with He who speaks with what's been described as a still, small voice?  If listening leads to aliveness, let’s listen!

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  • A Tale of Two Branches

    SPEAKER: Landon Collins

    DATE: 8/6/17

    SCRIPTURE: John 15:1-11

    All good stories have these things: Characters, Purpose, Conflict, Turns, and Inciting Events. We were created to live good, if not great stories, yet somehow we have settled for meaningless and unfulfilling stories. In John 15, we see a recipe for living a good story that has all of the ingredients good stories have. 

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  • What If

    SPEAKER: Barbara Edwards

    DATE: 7/30/17

    SCRIPTURE: Proverbs 2:1-11

    Throughout Scripture God calls people to courageously participate with Him in advancing His Kingdom. In Proverbs we see that opening our minds and hearts to the knowledge of God allows us to step out in courage and live into the life God is calling us to? What would happen if we became people of courage who listened and obeyed the nudge of God’s Spirit? What if?

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  • THe Story We Live

    SPEAKER: Zac Cannon

    DATE: 7/23/17

    SCRIPTURE: Ephesians 5:1-2

    The impact our stories have on the stories of others can greatly shape their experiences with God. As Christ-followers allow God to live His story through them they will embrace a costly lifestyle of sacrificial love and service. 

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  • Passing the Baton

    SPEAKER: Michael Chuek

    DATE: 7/16

    SCRIPTURE: 2 Kings 2:1-2, 6-15

    Transition is a part of life! In 2 Kings we see the story of Elijah and Elisha and what it means to "Pass the Baton" to someone else. Who has passed a baton to you? Who will you pass it to? How will this advance God's Kingdom?

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  • Truth for Facing Trouble

    SPEAKER: Lance King

    DATE: 7/2/17

    SCRIPTURE: John 14:1-14

    In moments we never long to experience, Jesus gives us words we struggle to hear. But beneath the tension, they are words for a journey which Jesus says unites us with the Father. We join the disciples in asking their heart-troubling questions.

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  • Where would Jesus Join?

    SPEAKER: Lance King

    DATE: 6/25/17

    SCRIPTURE: Acts 2:42-47

    Nicholas Kristof suggest that some of the world’s major religions would be unrecognizable to their founders. Would Jesus be interested in becoming active in a local 21st CE “Christian” congregation? What would attract Him? Also, would we want Him to join our congregation? 

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  • The Side Effects of self-emptying

    SPEAKER: Sarah Ford

    DATE: 6/18/17

    SCRIPTURE: Philippians 2:3-8

    Kenosis is a Greek word which refers to the doctrine of Christ’s self-emptying. This is primarily on display in a hymn that Paul refers to in Philippians 2:3-8. This is also the pattern of God’s Kingdom. You loose your life in order to have life. How might this play out in our lives and at Chestnut Grove?

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  • The Art of Neighboring: Part 6 - Better Together

    SPEAKER: Lance King

    DATE: 5/28/17

    SCRIPTURE: Romans 12:10-21, 13:8-10

    The move from distance to unity requires time, forgiveness, and prayer. But when Community results from good neighboring, vitality is unstoppable. 

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  • The Art of Neighboring: Part 5 - Extraordinary Relationships

    SPEAKER: Lance King

    DATE: 5/21/17

    SCRIPTURE: Luke 10:1-17

    Extraordinary relationships feature three characteristics. Not all neighboring relationships will (contain them). How do we discern when to "hold 'em" and when to "fold 'em?"   

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  • The art of neighboring: part 4 - Motives and Methods

    SPEAKER: Lance King

    DATE: 5/14/17

    SCRIPTURE: Luke 10:27

    Building a culture of reciprocity invites us to check our motives and our egos. How can we be a city on a hill?

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  • The Art of Neighboring: part 3 - Baby Steps & Bigger Steps

    SPEAKER: Lance King

    DATE: 5/7/17

    SCRIPTURE: Luke 5:27-32

    How do we eliminate strangers? Introduce ourselves! Neighboring is a long term endeavor with even longer term benefits. What are some steps?

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  • The art of neighboring: Part 2 - Obstacles

    SPEAKER: Lance King

    DATE: 4/30/17

    SCRIPTURE: Luke 10:38-42, Numbers 13

    What prevents us from that which is most important? Since we are perfectly designed to achieve the results we are achieving, it must be a design issue. How might we redesign our lives towards ultimate value?

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  • The Art of Neighboring: Part 1 - WHo is my neighbor

    SPEAKER: Lance King

    DATE: 4/23/17

    SCRIPTURE: Luke 10:28-35

    Jesus says the path to inheriting eternal life has MUCH to do with your neighbors. Will we seek loopholes or love?

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  • Turning Loose of Jesus' Feet

    SPEAKER: Lance King

    DATE: 4/16/17

    SCRIPTURE: Matthew 28:1-10

    We have long practiced clinging to Jesus' feet. It is the first response of post-Easter Christians. But Jesus' Easter instructions led elsewhere. How might we fearlessly respond?

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  • The Consequences of following my Jesus

    SPEAKER: Landon Collins

    DATE: 4/9/17

    SCRIPTURE: Matthew 21:1-11

    While the crowds shouted Hosanna on Palm Sunday, only a few days later the same crowds shouted crucify him. What happens when we bring our agenda to Jesus? We are always left with unmet expectations and disappointment. What if instead we set down our agenda in order to pick up the agenda of God; "Thy Kingdom Come, on earth as it is in heaven."

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  • Whole Hearts and Rough Edges

    Katie Alfano has been serving in the music ministry at Chestnut Grove for roughly 20 years. She began by leading the Children's choir and for the last 13 years she served on staff as the Director of Music Ministries. Sunday, January 22, 2017 was Katie's last day serving on staff as she is officially retired. She shares the story of her journey with God and at Chestnut Grove.

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  • Being 3-f People: Fruitfulness

    SPEAKER: Lance King

    DATE: 2/7/16

    SCRIPTURE: John 15:1-5, 6-17 & Luke 4:16-20

    Jesus launches a ministry among the faithful with a proclamation of fruitfulness. He later shares the pattern for lifelong fruitbearing. Paul heralds Jesus' kenotic attitude as the model for us all. 

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  • being 3-f People: Formation

    SPEAKER: Lance King

    DATE: 1/31/16

    SCRIPTURE: Acts 2:41-47

    Maturity is the product of relational investment with God and others. This is what Jesus repeatedly said was the greatest priority. How do we engage?

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  • Being 3-f PEOPLE: FAITH

    SPEAKER: Lance King

    DATE: 1/17/16

    SCRIPTURE: Hebrews 11

    What is faith? Why does it matter? What does it look like?

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