Welcome to Chestnut Grove Baptist Church. Thank you for taking the time to learn a little more about us. In 1773, a small group of dedicated Christians founded the first baptist congregation in Albemarle County. For 245 years, we have joined God's mission, committing to Faith, Formation and Fruitfulness. We are located at the corner of Simmon's Gap Rd and Buck Mount Rd in Earlysville Va.

550 Buck Mountain Rd.

Earlysville, VA 22936

What to Expect

There are  MANY OPPORTUNITIES to for Faith, Formation, and Fruitfulness. This includes our daily Lectio Divina practice, as well as Formation Groups. You are also welcome to watch our online connection


The origin of what is now Chestnut Grove Baptist Church began January 9, 1773 in the Lewis Meeting House on the Lewis Property near the University of Virginia. After examination and the consultation of the people by two Ministers and an Elder, it was declared to be Albemarle Baptist Church. There were 48 constituent members. 


Among these 48 members were a few from Earlysville and the surrounding areas, but most were further south. As the years progressed most members were from the area around Earlysville and in 1801 the congregation moved to its second location, into an old abandoned Anglican Church building. The church then became known as Buckmountain Baptist Church. 

In 1833, after the Episcopalians reclaimed their building, the Baptists made their third move in to the newly built Union Church building in the center of Earlysville, which served the Baptists, Methodists and Presbyterians. The Baptist congregation changed their name for the third time to Chestnut Grove Baptist Church. Finally in 1879 the congregation built its fourth and current location here at 550 Buck Mountain Rd. 

We have a long and rich history of being a community of faith and advancing God's Kingdom here on earth. We are excited about what God will do next. 


Baptist believe in the basic tenets of Christianity: the birth, death and resurrection of Jesus and salvation through Him. We believe the essence of Christianity is love - God's first then ours. We follow Christ's imperative:

Love one another. You must love one another, just as I have loved you.   (John 13:34) 

"Free and Faithful" These words convey the Baptist essence. Baptists are free under the lordship of Jesus Christ. We are free within the community of the faithful. Four treasured Baptist freedoms include:

Bible Freedom

Under the lordship of Christ, the bible must be central in the lives of His followers. We are both free and obligated to study and follow the Scriptures. 

Soul Freedom

Every person has the right and responsibility to relate to God directly and personally, without intervention by another.

Church Freedom

Local congregations are free to determine membership and leadership. We may ordain any male or female whom we consider gifted for ministry. Local congregations are not subject to any state or national denominational organization.

Religious Freedom

We affirm the historic rights: freedom of religion, freedom for religion, and freedom from religion. Ceasar is not Christ. Christ is not Ceasar.