• Lance King - Pastor  email

    Lance, a distinguished alum of the Baptist Theological Seminary at Richmond and Colorado State University, brings a rich tapestry of education and experience to his role within the Chestnut Grove community. Happily married to Tonya, Lance takes immense pride in his role as a father, cherishing the journey of raising two accomplished adult children.

    Beyond his academic and family pursuits, Lance is a man of diverse interests. From his appreciation for all things with an internal combustion engine to his devotion to Lectio Divina, circuit training, bow hunting, and the simple pleasures of a good cup of coffee, Lance's passions reflect a well-rounded and dynamic individual.

    Lance has been an integral part of the Chestnut Grove family since September 2006, where his diverse interests and warm presence contribute to the vibrant and welcoming atmosphere of the community. His multifaceted engagement mirrors a life rich in both professional and personal fulfillment.



    Brittany's connection with Chestnut Grove has spanned a significant portion of her life, as she found her home in the community at the tender age of 18 months. Professionally, she channels her passion for education as an elementary school teacher at Agnor-Hurt Elementary School, where she currently serves as a Reading Specialist.

    Brittany's commitment to her church family is evident through her extensive volunteer work, particularly in the nursery and with children. Her nurturing spirit and dedication contribute to the vibrant and welcoming atmosphere that defines Chestnut Grove.

    In partnership with her husband, Deven, Brittany is a proud parent to three delightful children, further enriching her life with family joy. For those seeking more information about the dynamic Children's Ministry at Chestnut Grove, Brittany invites you to explore the children's page, where the heartwarming spirit of community and growth unfolds.

  • Amy Gaertner, Interim Children's Ministry Coordinator email

    Amy, a devoted wife to John and a loving mother to Gabby and Alex, brings a wealth of experience and commitment to her roles as both a family cornerstone and an elementary school teacher. Embarking on her 31st year at Broadus Wood Elementary School, Amy's dedication to education has left an enduring impact on countless young lives.

    For the past 15 years, Amy has been an integral part of the CGBC family, where her involvement has extended beyond her professional pursuits. Actively engaged in various capacities, she has volunteered consistently, served as a dedicated deacon, and played a vital role on the finance committee. Amy's multifaceted contributions reflect her unwavering commitment to both her school community and her church family.

    For those interested in the vibrant Children's Ministry at CGBC, Amy encourages a visit to the children's page, where the spirit of nurturing and fostering growth in the younger members of the community comes to life.

  • Zac Cannon - Associate Pastor of Formation & Fruitfulnessemail

    Zac and his family became cherished members of the Chestnut Grove community in the summer of 2017. Armed with an academic foundation that includes a BFA in Film & Video Production from Brooks Institute and a Master of Theological Studies with a focus on Preaching & Pastoral Ministry from Midwestern Baptist Theological Seminary, Zac brings a unique blend of creative and theological insights to his endeavors.

    In 2023, Zac attained certification as a Spiritual Director, further enhancing his ability to guide individuals on their spiritual journeys. Beyond his academic and spiritual pursuits, Zac is a prolific author, having penned the sci-fi novella "Sunflower" and contributed to the sci-fi anthology, "Augmented: Volume 1."

    Known for his penchant for introspection, Zac can often be found immersed in a good book or navigating the labyrinthine corridors of his imagination, all while savoring a cup of coffee. For those seeking more information about our Youth Ministry, Zac encourages a visit to our youth page, where his passion for nurturing the spiritual growth of the younger generation comes to life.

  • Tom Conlon - Artist-In-Residence / Associate Pastor of Worship email


    Tom, a seasoned singer-songwriter with three decades of experience, has traversed the nation, leaving an indelible mark with his distinctive blend of music and spoken-word performances. Over the years, he has not only showcased his artistic prowess but has also played a pivotal role as a mentor to aspiring artists and a catalyst in assisting churches to cultivate teams of skilled musicians.

    Tom's journey reflects a commitment to exploring the profound connections between faith and art, emphasizing the transformative power of songs steeped in the rich tapestry of spiritual community. His enduring passion for music and mentorship has not only defined his career but has also contributed significantly to the artistic and spiritual landscapes he has touched. Tom stands as a testament to the enduring impact that thoughtful, spiritually-infused art can have on individuals and communities alike. 


    Wendy seamlessly integrated into the Chestnut Grove team in February 2023, bringing a wealth of diverse professional experience complemented by a steadfast faith and an uplifting demeanor. Outside of her professional commitments, Wendy is an avid reader who finds solace in the pages of a compelling book, accompanied by the soothing notes of praise and worship. Known for her altruistic nature, she delights in serving others whenever the opportunity arises.

    During the summer months, Wendy can be found basking in the sun with her feet immersed in the sands of Virginia Beach, reveling in the coastal serenity. Conversely, when winter arrives, she retreats to her cherished "war room," a private sanctuary, to enjoy moments with her family. Wendy's commitment to both her professional endeavors and personal passions reflects a harmonious blend of dedication, faith, and a love for both service and cherished moments with loved ones.