The internet boasts countless ways to find JOY.  “Try a new hobby! Make a new friend. Add color to a wall. Join a club.”  The list is endless, and frequently fruitless.

For every lifeless layer or negative feature of our lives, most of us could easily list ten positives…if we but try.  Counting blessings begets gratitude. Gratitude begets generosity. And generosity begets JOY.  Remember the evolution of Ebenezer Scrooge?  Gratitude is the first solid step to JOY.

In Luke’s ancient Christmas story, a young woman named Mary and her cousin Elizabeth are portrayed as erupting with JOY

when they glimpse what God is doing within them and around them.  God is actively repairing our world. They were enlisted to participate, as are we. Rejoice!


Need JOY?

-  Make a list of 10 blessings in your life (instead of longings,    complaints, or problems.) Thank God for each and notice what happens inside. Repeat as needed.

-  Reflect on the JOY bursting from of Mary:  Luke 1:46-55

-  Meditate on an ancient poem of JOY  Psalm 146

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