Love is all you need” is how John Lennon sang it. The gospel of John concurs!   Two millennia ago, John proclaimed that God SO LOVES THE WORLD that he sent his Son, to take on flesh and live alongside us. The Son came not to condemn the world, but so the world might be saved.  Read a portion of this biblical LOVE story in John 1-3.


When asked “What is the most important task in life?”, Jesus always responded: LOVE!  Love God, Love your neighbor. Love yourself. This is the key. Nothing matters more.


*The Advent journey leads to God’s LOVE en-fleshed. On Christmas, Christ enters the world to make manifest a kingdom of LOVE, on earth as in heaven.  In this kingdom, mercy rules and grace abounds.  Sins are forgiven. Good news is proclaimed to the poor. The oppressed are set free. And you are included!  In the reality of Christ, it becomes clear that God LOVES humanity.


Need LOVE?

Read John 3:16-17

-  Dance (alone or together) to a 20th century musical interpretation of the ancient love poem Psalm 36:5-9.  No skill required.

-  Reflect on this Christmas LOVE song by Amy Grant as you drive to your next destination.


-  For cultivating more LOVE for yourself in the new year, check out these suggestions from Declutter The Mind.

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